Do less, relax and enjoy freedom from the tedium

How many of you would like to quit the treadmill, tap into your creativity and generate your own income?

If you had the chance, would you only work 12 days in one year and live the life you want? Of course you would, if you could earn enough. Who wouldn’t?

It is possible.

A friend of a friend of mine…

Who is?

A lot of us have plenty of energy, but we have difficulty channelling it towards our potential.

Despite reading all the books about quitting your job, entrepreneurial success and believing in yourself, inspiration may still elude us.

We may lack self belief because we’re not all daring, adventurous, bold or willing to take risks.

And don’t have the inventiveness, despite being tired of our uninteresting and conventional occupations.

Finding a way to get something started and providing yourself with an income, can prove to be an immense challenge.

Doing your own thing is definitely not easy.

So, should we give up and stop trying?

Or keep looking for a way?

We keep looking.

We keep looking in the hope we can find a way.

A way to work 12 days in one year, so that we can live the life we want.

Soulo Mann

Otiose founder of the Work 12 Days in one Year and Live the Life You Want project

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